Print to PDF for Portability

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Ever wonder what PDF stands for? Portable Document Format. When you email or upload a text document, consider it the only option.

Do you ever send your resume as a Word document? If you do, then the people that read your resume may be reading something entirely garbled and crowded. Your “.doc” will appear and print differently based on which version of MS Word is installed. So you may be singing a perfectly polished audition while the panel is staring at a sloppy resume.

Before you send any document (resume, bio, reviews, homework assignments), be sure to first save them as PDF.


We are thrilled that printing reports from Velvet Singer directly to PDF is now easier than ever.

If you are on a Mac, then you have probably already seen that from any print dialog, you can chose to “Save As PDF”. The PDF print driver comes installed with the Mac operating system and everything just works.

Windows — Install Print Driver

Now it looks like there are several excellent PDF print drivers available on the Windowsside that will make things easy.

Basically, you can install a PDF driver so that you can print to PDF from any application. After you have installed it, you should see the new driver as an optional printer in your print dialogue (for example from MS Word or from Internet Explorer).

Then you print the report from Velvet Singer and choose the new print driver instead of your normal printer. That will allow you to save the report as a PDF. Then you can attach the report to an email.

“PrimoPDF” is the way to go. Check out this short video on CNet. It will give you a good idea of why this print driver is the best:

  • Primo PDF on CNET

You can even append two Velvet Singer reports into one PDF using this excellent print driver.

“Print2PDF” also looks solid:

  • Print2PDF on CNET