E-Workbook is Here — v2.9.2

Features, Releases

We have been holding on to this release for quite some time, trying out the new E-Workbook in seminars throughout the country. Tweaking, building and refining what we think is an excellent add-on to Velvet Singer.

After automatically downloading the newest update, v2.9.2, you can open up the Workbook add-on from the Main Menu.

This is an entirely separate file (the first add-on that we have released) and it is a very feature rich application of its own. We may even begin to sell it as a separate product. For our current customers? Free!

From the E-Workbook menu, you can open up the workbook for either of our Seminars:

– Seminar A: Organization / Goal Setting
– Seminar B: Business Plan

There is tons of information and TLC poured into both, but we think the Business Plan workbook functions really well as a stand-alone application.

The Bottom Line: Persuasion and Communication

The Workbooks walk you through everything you need to know, helping you generate rich and persuasive prose. For example, rather than trying to describe your values from scratch, you can first pick from a list of 39 common values.

E-mail Reports

From the Business Plan menu you can generate two types of reports, opening them in your web browser to print or preparing an HTML email to your family, friends, teachers and supporters. You can also Resume your workbook from the last page you edited, Backup your data, Submit your data to our compilation project or Clear all of your previous responses.

The E-Mail report allows you to send a beautiful and colorful HTML report directly from the system with no setup required.

Customize your message to request feedback and direction, or make an appeal for direct financial report. The more you involve your stakeholders, the more they will support you.

Business Plans

Your business plan will arrive with professional and colorful styling. It will contain copious amounts of valuable information, yet it will also be well organized and readable.

Velvet Singer business plans contain the following information:

  • Executive summary
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Current approach
  • Entrepreneurship strengths / weaknesses
  • Product strengths / weaknesses
  • Positioning / branding
  • Ambitions
  • Financial outlook
  • Risks analysis
  • Strategy
  • Five year plan
  • Priorities
  • To do list

Trends Module

Rebuilt and optimized to show you only the best information without any setup required on your part, the trends module is completely prefabricated and ready-made. Simply navigate to the Trends module from the main menu, and the system will compile your data. Click around, learn and share.

From each Trend record, you can see composite information describing your progress. For example, this singer has been doing about coachings per month.

View your profitability over the years or show the same data broken out into months. You can also drill down into income or expenses.

Trend reports gather high level data so you can analyze them together or share them with your professional contacts.

New Features for Fall

Announcements, Releases

While we have been cranking away, the world still turns and the fall audition season is already almost upon us!

It has been a little since my last blog post — I’ve been to Congo and back (literally) and have focused my time working on Velvet Singer primarily on bringing my loyal crop of customers up to speed on Version 3.0. The early responses have been overwhelmingly positive and supportive… and I myself have found the new interface super slick and fast. Naturally, I have a few other things I’d like to do, but that is what 3.1 is for, right?

Velvet Singer 3.0, seemingly without really “working it” has also gotten tons of tech PR lately. Amazing confirmation to see this types of game changing buzz come in. And I am always encouraged to know I’ve built something that above all serves my customers well. Just like classical singing, you have to love the process as much as you love the result.

FileMaker Inc. featured Velvet Singer prominently in the OPENING pitch at the last developer’s conference, in front of thousands of the world’s best developers! See http://www.filemaker.com/developers/devcon/. It was staggering to think of the honor, and a great treat for me personally. The speaker literally used Velvet Singer as the center piece for demonstrating some of the new features in FileMaker 12.

I also was a guest speaker at the inaugural FileMaker Product Conference, a conference specifically designed to help developers like me who sell products built using FileMaker. Again, I was humbled and delighted to get to share some of the things I’ve learned through this journey, and to learn from and be inspired by some heavy-hitting minds in similar businesses. I gave a seminar on creating business plans for startups, and another on sales generation through four layers of building genuine trust with customers.

Lastly, I was able to use Velvet Singer as a platform to discuss paradigms of user interface design with my colleagues at Soliant Consulting during one of our team “lunch and learns” in Chicago.

More soon!