Seminar A: Business Plan

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How to Sustain a Well-Tuned Business Plan

We are excited to launch a new seminar geared toward the needs of advanced young artists and emerging professional singers. During the seminar, each singer will create a career “business plan” and commit to a schedule to revise and refine. The session is designed to take an intimidating and often stressful process and make it practical and accessible to even the busiest of emerging professional singers.

This seminar has been a work in progress for some time, and we have gathered the input and feedback of so many educators and professionals. A special thank you goes out to educator Dr. Dana Brown, mezzo-soprano and career consultant Dorothy Byrne, and consultant Mislav Kos.

The Details:

Target: For advanced young artists and emerging professionals.

Duration: The seminar is designed to last two and a half (2.5) hours.

Workbook: The seminar uses a customized workbook, which provides an efficient and practical platform for rich discussion. Please Download the Workbook completed with example answers.

Objective: The seminar helps singers create a career business plan and adopt a continual process for refining their plans going forward.

Impact: Singers will leave the session with a dramatically improved sense of self-awareness and empowerment over their path. The seminar begins by discussing the relevant issues a well-crafted plan is designed to help solve.

Integration: Some singers may have previously drafted a business plan through school or privately. We will build off of those experiences and integrate our work into one process.

Singers will:

  • Assess strengths / weaknesses
  • Identify / mitigate risks
  • Analyze priorities
  • Define and rank goals
  • Create a marketing strategy
  • Articulate core values
  • Compose a career vision and mission statement
  • Create a schedule to revisit / refine