All-In-One: The Only Way To Go

There is a right tool for every job. Take this quick tour and you will have a very clear sense of how Velvet Singer can revolution-organ-ize your singing career!

What’s Inside?

Can you imagine an all-in-one system that simplifies your Repertoire, Auditions, Journal, Finances, Gigs and Contacts? All-in-one is the only way to go. Try Velvet Singer today!

Easy to Get Set Up, Simple to Learn

Yep, VS is a hard-core app that you install, not a webpage. Applications that run natively on your computer have power and usability advantages, and you can keep up with your business without an internet connection. You could log finances while on a plane, add some new repertoire while you are in the theater, or enter some journal notes about your last audition while you’re in the park!

At any time you can Purchase a License Key, and unlock your copy of Velvet Singer. Your data will all be saved and ready to roll!