Velvet Singer License Key

Join the growing Velvet Singer community by purchasing your license key today. You will receive free automatic updates on all releases and be eligible for discounted pricing on major upgrades. You can transfer this key to any computer, so if you buy a new machine, you can transfer Velvet Singer in a snap.

Simple Gifts

Velvet Singer license keys are completely transferable and not tied to any specify email address or customer name, so purchasing a license key for another person such as a son, daughter or student is easy. ‘Tis the gift to be simple.

PayPal will ask you to enter payment information. Enter any name or email address you would like. Then once your purchase is complete, simply share the license key with your singer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Purchase your Velvet Singer license code with no risk! That is one of the many reasons that Velvet Singer makes life easier (and make a great gift). We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee so there is no reason to hesitate.